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Compare the cost of flying from Columbia instead of St. Louis or Kansas City.

Flight Cost Calculator

Ever wonder if you're really saving money flying from St. Louis or Kansas City for those "lower" fares? Check here to see the real cost of flying from STL or MCI. Or just take our word for it - less stress, free parking, short TSA lines - yep, it's better flying from COU! And when you land, you're home!

You're saving money already ...

How to use this calculator:

  1. Enter airfare cost, distance to the airport and the number of parking days. Don't know a distance? Check Google Maps
  2. Click "Calculate" to see the true cost.
  To & From COU To & From STL To & From MCI
Enter Airfare $ $ $
Enter Distance in Miles (Roundtrip)*         
Mileage Cost ** $ $ $
Travel Time Cost *** $ $ $
Parking Cost**** $ $ $
Shuttle or Taxi Cost $ $ $
Total $ $ $

STL = Lambert-St. Louis International Airport
MCI = Kansas City International Airport
COU = Columbia Regional Airport

**Mileage cost is based on 224 miles round trip from Columbia to Lambert-St. Louis International (STL) and 298 miles round trip from Columbia to Kansas City International Airport (MCI) @ 50 cents / mile, the IRS per mile business rate for 2010, based on an annual study of the fixed and variable costs of operating an automobile

*If you are traveling from another city, add the additional round trip mileage here. (ie: if you are traveling from Boonville, MO add 50 miles)

***Travel time is based on 4 hours round trip to Lambert-St. Louis International (STL) and 5 hours round trip to Kansas City International Airport (MCI) @ $25 /hour

**** Parking rates based on $0/day at COU, $11.5/day at STL & $8.5/day at MCI